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Greenwood Memorial Park gives every family in our community unique opportunities to learn, share, and remember. Each of our educational, grief support, and remembrance events are designed to appeal to a wide age range — and it is our intention to enrich lives, educate minds, and ease sorrows. Please check back regularly to learn about the latest news and events going on at Greenwood.


  • 22 Mar

    Exclusive Preplanning Seminar

    Many of you have expressed an interest in knowing more about final arrangements. We offer free informational seminars as a service to our community. We do these seminars in a restaurant environment with complimentary snacks and beverages provided. This is also a great time for fellowship with your neighbors. There will be NO selling at

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  • Why the Choice of Memorial Park Matters

    Why the Choice of Memorial Park Matters

    In previous generations, burial and cremation options in the United States were limited, which made deciding on a final resting place a non-issue. People were often buried in a family plot in a local churchyard or cemetery, or sometimes even on family property. Today the options are broader, but the important thing is to choose

  • Choosing Your Words: What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

    Choosing Your Words: What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

    When a friend has lost a loved one, it’s natural to want to reach out with comforting words. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to know what to say to someone who has suffered a loss. This often makes people avoid saying anything, which is a mistake. People need human contact when they’re grieving, so it’s better

  • Comforting Someone Who Has Lost a Child

    Comforting Someone Who Has Lost a Child

    Loss is always traumatic, but for those who have lost a child it can feel unbearable. Losing a child seems to go against life’s natural order, and is a devastating loss for a parent. Losing an unborn child, while less visible to other people, is also very difficult for parents. In either situation, it can

  • Is There a “Right” Way to Grieve?

    Is There a “Right” Way to Grieve?

    When we lose someone important to us, we all grieve. We’ve been conditioned to think there are set “stages” of grief, when in fact that model was created in reference to people facing their own mortality. The truth is, there are no right or wrong ways to experience grief because it is so personal. The

  • Overcoming a Sudden Loss

    Overcoming a Sudden Loss

    The death of a loved one is always hard, but every loss is different, and everyone grieves differently. This is true even of deaths that were expected, but it’s especially true of sudden loss. A sudden shocking loss, in which someone dies because of a crime, accident, suicide or in some other unexpected way, has

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