You plan for every other major event in your life — from weddings to the birth of a child to college to retirement — so it only makes sense to plan for your own end-of-life celebration. When you have a plan in place, you’ll ensure that your wishes are known. You’ll also take some of the pressure off your family during a stressful time, freeing them to begin the healing process without worrying if the options they’ve chosen are what you would have wanted. Preplanning for your memorial also means you can add your own touches, creating a ceremony that truly reflects your unique life.

Is preplanning the same as prefunding?
Preplanning and prefunding often go hand-in-hand, but they aren’t the same thing. Preplanning is the process of making decisions about your funeral, burial or cremation, and memorialization. Prefunding means paying for these services in advance. Many funeral homes offer payment plans that spread the cost over several years. The benefit of prepaying is that it can save you money since you pay today’s prices and avoid inflation. If you choose to preplan without prefunding, you might want to consider designating other funds when the time comes —perhaps from insurance or a dedicated savings account.

What happens if I move out of state?
Funeral homes recognize that not all community members will live within driving distance of the cemetery for life. If you move, you can transfer your funeral plan to the funeral home of your choice near your new residence.

What are my interment options?
Today, there are more options than ever for interment and memorialization. If you wish to be buried, you can choose in-ground or above-ground burial. There are private, indoor and outdoor mausoleums, memorial gardens for people of different faiths, built-to-suit estates and more. If you choose cremation, there are even more options. People who are cremated can choose interment, a columbarium, a niche, a boulder or bench. They can also choose to have their ashes scattered. There are urns that the family can keep at home, and keepsake items such as cremation jewelry or glass art that allow people to feel close to their loved one.

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