When a loved one dies, we naturally want some tangible way to remember that person. For many years that touchpoint was the gravesite, but with the growing popularity of cremation, people are finding interesting and creative ways to hold a loved one’s memory close.  

At Greenwood Memorial Park, we provide a wide range of cremation options, including niches, benches and pedestals. Perhaps one of the most unusual and striking options is the Crystal Remembrance.  

Made of the finest crystal and a small amount of your loved one’s cremated remains, these beautiful pieces of art are a unique and stunning memorial to your loved one. Each is one of a kind, just like the life it commemorates. Glass artisans form their work into an egg shape to represent life, and use a color that represents the person, twisting it with the cremated remains to resemble DNA. Committed to truly creating something that represents the person they’re memorializing, they engrave whatever the family chooses on the bottom.  

Unlike an urn, which is likely to be tucked away, these beautiful pieces are something that people proudly display in their homes. Sometimes, they move them from room to room, depending on where they’re spending the most time, in order to feel close to their loved ones. A Crystal Remembrance is a comforting representation of the life of a loved one, and something that can be passed down through generations in order to provide a touchpoint for remembrance.  

The Crystal Remembrance is just one of our many Signature Services℠ designed to help you create a life-honoring tribute for someone you love. Call us at 619.450.1479 to learn more.