When you think of funerals you’ve attended, does the music stand out? What do you remember? Hymns played on an organ? Amazing Grace, sung by the gathered mourners? If that sort of service doesn’t fit with your personal style, you’re not alone.  

Today, you can choose your own music for your funeral. With certain religious traditions, there are restrictions on the music that can be played, but most funerals allow for much more flexibility. Some people even choose musicians to make their service unique.  

Some of the most unique musical tributes include:  

  • Harp: An ancient, healing instrument, the harp has a peaceful, ethereal quality. Hiring a harpist is a wonderful way to bring soothing and comforting classical music into a funeral service.  
  • String trio or quartet: For those who love classical music, strings can provide the perfect sendoff. When you hire a string trio or quartet, though, you aren’t limited to classical music. Jazz, standards, folk and popular music can be played beautifully on strings.  
  • Bagpipes: Long a traditional option, bagpipes are often played at the funerals of dignitaries and first responders. Anyone can choose a bagpipe for a funeral service, though. The pipes’ mournful, haunting sound fits the occasion, making a unique impression on those gathered.  
  • Mariachi band: This may seem an odd choice for a funeral because of the upbeat sound, but the lyrics are often beautiful and moving, expressing emotions that even those who don’t speak Spanish can understand.   

When you preplan your funeral, you have the freedom to design it exactly as you’d like. That means choosing your final resting place, deciding on the mood of your service, and picking the music, readings and other aspects that reflect your personality and spirit. Whether you’re preplanning or making these decisions for a loved one, it’s good to think about the music so you can create a service that truly honors the life that was lived.  

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