Whether it’s a cross-country trek or a trip overseas, it’s a good idea to have travel protection. No one plans to die on vacation — but when tragedy occurs, it can be complicated to bring the loved one back home, especially from overseas.

Most people buy protection in case their trip is interrupted by unforeseen circumstances such as illness, injuries, a natural disaster or another emergency.  International emergency assistance typically covers the traveler if an act of terrorism is to blame for the trip cancellation, if the tour company goes bankrupt, or if you need help covering overseas medical expenses that aren’t covered by your domestic policy.

A comprehensive travel protection policy will help if a death occurs. This type of policy provides for transportation of the body back home as well as the cost of cremation abroad, which makes transportation home easier and less expensive.

Families whose loved one dies while abroad can contact the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs who will help make transportation arrangements. If you prefer, the Bureau of Consular Affairs can also help make arrangements for local burial.

It can be uncomfortable to think about dying when you’re on vacation, but planning for the worst when you’re traveling is smart. Similarly, it’s not always easy to think about your own funeral, but preplanning for it is a good idea. Preplanning establishes your final resting place, and your arrangements with a funeral home can be used in conjunction with travel protection.

There are many other benefits to preplanning as well. When you preplan, your funeral will be as you wish. You can choose between cremation and burial, and where you want to be interred. You can also decide whether you want a traditional funeral or a celebration of life, whether your service should be secular or religious, what readings and songs are appropriate, which mementos you’d like displayed, and much more.

Perhaps the best reason to preplan is that it relieves your family of the burden of making all those decisions, leaving them to focus on what’s really important during such a stressful time: comforting each other and mourning your loss.

Since 1907, Greenwood Memorial has been comforting families in times of loss and helping people to plan meaningful end-of-life services. We understand that it can difficult to talk about death, and we can help guide you through the preplanning process. Our caring, compassionate, professional staff have many years of experience and can make preplanning easy. Call Greenwood Memorial at 619.450.1479 to learn more or request your free preplanning guide.