Few Americans give as much to their country as the members of our armed forces. They serve as they are needed, even if they are called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom.  

At Greenwood Memorial Park, we believe that because of this noble service, veterans are deserving of a funeral with full military honors. 

The elements of a military funeral lend the occasion a certain grace and dignity.  

  • The flag-draped casket stands as a symbol of the country the veteran held dear. It’s a moving tribute, rich with history and extremely moving for the veteran’s family. For someone who has served in our nation’s military, there’s no more powerful symbol than the flag of the United States of America. Once the service is over, the flag is folded with reverence and respect into the symbolic tri-corner shape and presented to the next of kin. 
  • The Honor Guard provides a solemn presence. Sometimes the members of the Honor Guard act as pallbearers. They might also play taps, present the flag to the family, and fire the rifle volley as they stand proudly for a fallen veteran.  
  • The funeral caisson transports the veteran to his or her final resting place. This is a tradition dating back to the days when horse-drawn caissons were the primary way to move artillery in the field. The solemn dignity of this horse-drawn transport leaves observers with a sense of wonder and awe. It’s an elegant method of transportation, often utilized by heads of state.  
  • At the end of the graveside service, a rifle volley is fired. This age-old custom indicates that the person who has died has been cared for and is now at rest.  

At Greenwood Memorial Park we offer benefits for veterans even beyond the military funeral with full honors. Our Veterans’ Burial Package is designed to honor the lives of our veterans, and our American Heroes program offers discounts on various services for veterans and their spouses. As one of our special services, the family of a veteran can also choose an elegant flag display case.  

To learn more about veterans benefits at Greenwood Memorial Park, call (619) 450-1479.