Greenwood is a beautiful final resting place where future generations can come to remember their loved ones in a spiritually uplifting setting.  

Having served the families of San Diego for more than a century, Greenwood is spread across 132 acres with many fine features that include:  

  • The Tree of Life. This spectacular Moreton Bay Fig tree is the second-oldest tree of its kind in the city.  
  • Our new Mirror Lake cremation garden. Family estates, granite niches, benches and pedestals share space with beautiful fountains, lush landscaping and gently flowing streams. The overall impression is one of tranquility and peace where people can enjoy the natural beauty of the area and reflect on happy memories.  
  • The Serenity Expansion with its custom family estates, pedestals and lawn crypts. Palm trees wave against clear blue skies and visitors can stroll across wide expanses of green lawn, resting in the shade of a pagoda.  

Greenwood Memorial Park was designed to accommodate families from many different cultures and religious traditions. Special areas are set aside for firefighters, fraternal organizations, Greeks, military groups, and members of the Jewish faith.  

We welcome visitors for special events such as Memorial Day and Father’s Day. You can also set up a private tour by calling (619) 450-1479, drop by for a stroll through our gardens or check out our Photo Gallery page for a virtual tour.