Playing music at a funeral is a time-honored tradition. Sometimes, the most suitable music is traditional, but in most cases, there is some leeway in the music you choose. You might be preplanning your own service, or you might be planning a service for a loved one who has recently died. Either way, it’s usually appropriate to incorporate music you love into the service.

Keep in mind, however, that the music you love may not be appropriate. Consider who will be at the service. The music you choose should not be lyrically offensive, harsh or jarring. It should be comforting to the people present, helping them reflect on the unique life lived by the person they loved and evoking happy memories.

For religious ceremonies, all music should be cleared with the officiant. In a Catholic funeral mass, for example, there are very specific parts of the funeral for which music needs to be chosen. Your parish priest can help you determine appropriate selections for different parts of the service. If you choose to have a Catholic ceremony, however, there’s a wide variety of hymns. You can often find an old favorite that speaks to you and fits the occasion.

One advantage of preplanning is that you can take care of all these details ahead of time. When you preplan, you can choose your own music and decide on the readings and speakers you’d like to have. You can set the tone for the funeral service, whether it’s traditional or contemporary, a solemn affair or an end-of-life celebration.

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