Most of us have a social media presence. In fact, about 73% of online adults have at least one social media account, and that includes 57% of the baby boomers who have an online presence. Social media is wonderful for keeping in touch with friends and family, sharing photos, thoughts, events, and more. Sure, there are some problematic aspects, but most of us have figured out how to protect themselves from harm, avoiding suspicious links and setting up privacy controls that will protect our sensitive data. Have you ever considered, though, what will become of your social media accounts when you die?  

No matter how many social media platforms you use, it’s a good idea to designate someone to be in charge of your accounts in the event of an emergency. Decide ahead of time whether you will want your profiles to remain live after you have died, and for how long. Do you want your social media accounts to memorialize you? Give your passwords and information to someone you trust, along with specifics about how you want those accounts to be handled.  

What complicates matters is that there is currently no industry standard for social media accounts after a death. Facebook allows you to choose between appointing a legacy contact or having your account deleted after you pass away. Instagram accounts can be memorialized, but only after proof of death is provided by an immediate family member. Twitter will close an account at the request of family members when a person has died.  

The fate of your social media accounts may be something easy to overlook, but it’s an important part of planning the management of your affairs. There are probably things in those accounts that you’d like to keep private, so it’s good to have a trusted friend or family member in charge of making sure they’re handled in the way you would have wanted. Preplanning for your end of life arrangements is a smart idea, whether it’s tending to your online presence or planning your funeral service. When you preplan, you get to determine how things are managed, and you save your family from the stress of having to answer hard questions at an already difficult time in their lives.  

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