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Eufrocina Nazareno Mangaoang

Birth Date: December 21, 1932
Death Date: November 4, 2018

Doctor Eufrocina Nazareno Mangaoang was born on Sunday, December 21, 1930 in Naic, Cavite, Philippines. She was a powerful, iconic, indestructible, and beautifully stern wife. To her child, she was the model of discipline and strict integrity that would buckle any child to their foundation. To her grandchildren, she was the inspiration of Responsibility, Culinary Creativity, Hospitality, Adventure, and Love for all things natural. As a Great Grand Mother, she was nothing, but the best. Being loving, the most ecstatic, and nonjudgmental, she was only the biggest burst of happiness when encountering her great grandchildren. Always willing to help others, Eufrocina was very devoted and committed to helping all that surrounded her in her community, be it Family, Friends, or Neighbors. In 1956, Eufrocina became a Doctor only to further her helping hand to those around the community. In 1958 she married Manuel Ordona Mangaoang in Weirton, West Virginia. Then, in 1960, the very successful couple moved to Chicago, Illinois where their only child Eloise was born. Continuing to practice on and off, Eufrocina ultimately retired as a doctor in Mississippi. In 1989, she relocated to San Diego, California where her and her husband would reside in one of the most beautiful, memory filled, and life cherishing of homes, Parkside Avenue. Eufrocina had such a grand passion for food, whether it was; shopping for ingredients, dining at new restaurants, cooking the food, or eating it, her love in everything to do with food was sincerely incomparable to anybody else in our family. Anyone who knew of Eufrocina’s cooking was well aware that if they knew they had the blessing to taste her timeless culinary masterpieces, that their experience would never fall short of being deliciously extravagant and delectably spectacular. Those who were blessed to encounter her at their home also was well knowledgable of her green thumb. As if planting only required the basic necessities of the simplest proportions to live, she not only planted countless species of plants, but made them flourish far beyond their original purpose on this Earth. One could say that she single handedly gave birth and purpose to a little piece of heaven on this world. Very kind and unconditionally loving to strangers, Eufrocina had a very adaptable personality that required little to no time to indict her presence on another being. Possessing a sharp memory and extremely unstoppable wit about herself, You could always count on Eufrocina to be a powerhouse of unrepairable comebacks, yet loving denominations. At the end of the day however, No Matter who You were, how eventful or uneventful her day was, Eufrocina always had a song in her heart. Regardless of peace and turmoil, the happy and sad, rejoiceful and diminished, You could always count on her to have the right song in mind for the occasion. Of course singing it full heartedly or humming it resourcefully under her strategically placed breaths. Eufrocina Nazareno Mangaoang was known under many names. Whether it was Mom, Leet, Tita, Ate, Lola, Great Grandma, or Wowa, one thing remains certain. There will never be another being to match her titanic, massive, and gargantuan structure that would walk this Earth. She now walks amongst her Mother, Father, two Brothers, and two Sisters that have long awaited her warm arrival, for countless and endless ages. Be not sad or afraid, for she is with the ones she has longed for, as well. In great company comes an immense love, love, which she now gets to endure, one which We were all so fortunate enough to taste with the best of laughs, cries, and never-ending welcomes. It was always a sad moment, when We would have to leave the presence and company of Eufrocina and Manuel. For everyone knows that they both would not let You leave without some sort of kind parting gift. Whether it was a home cooked meal, treats from the local restaurant, or very food from their pantry, it was always such a pleasing treat to have been graced by them both in any shape or form, even in parting. Only this time, that gift is Love, Life, and the Love for Life. When it is Our time to rejoin Eufrocina and Manuel yet again, You can rest assure that that day will be filled with nothing, but the best of fortune, fame, nurturing hospitality, classic music, and a feast to fill both the eyes and bells warm. Again, this not “Farewell” or “Good Bye”, but indeed “Until We Meet Again”. For when We do, I can assure You that both parties will be more than happy to rejoin one’s company, as they were, as before.

November 19, 2018
5:00 pm
- 9:00 pm
Salli Lynn Chapel at Greenwood
4300 Imperial Avenue San Diego, CA 92113
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Funeral Mass
November 20, 2018
10:00 am
- 11:00 am
Mater Dei Church
1571 Magdalena Avenue Chula Vista CA 91921
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Graveside Services
November 20, 2018
11:30 am
- 12:00 pm
Greenwood Memorial Park
4300 Imperial Ave San Diego, CA 92113
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  1. We love you Auntie Leet. The world lost one of the most passionate person , who had the biggest heart on earth, who had the brightest of smiles & who had the best giggles we’ve ever had the honor to hear. Your memory will forever remain in our hearts. May you Rest In Peace.

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