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George Edward Rice

Birth Date: September 18, 1961
Death Date: September 30, 2017

A lesson from father to son.

Listening to George and my mom talking in the front seat of his Mustang. I asked George if he would be my dad? The silence that came was something serious, my mom said sorry about that. Maybe I shouldn’t of asked but I was a kid. The look on their face told me, uh-oh. George actually said “maybe?” Mom and George dated and eventually got married. Me, Marcy, Peggie and Ginger used to due skits for dad and mom. We would talk about who was going to say what. Dance a little and act out what ever it was. They both were really proud. Dad enjoyed watching us work it all out, give opinions sometimes. When I was in 4th grade he had my best friend Mike beat me up. I was mad, sad and hurt but most of all I didn’t understand why he did it. He explained that every boy needs to learn how to defend himself. In 5th grade he gave me a AC/DC Back in Black cassette. That’s when I realized that he was cool. When I was in 6th grade had this bully taller than me by an easy foot. I told him about it and he took me down to K-Mart and bought weights. So we started lifting and two months later this bully grabbed me from behind my neck. I grabbed his arm and flipped him over my shoulder and punched him in the face. Never to be bothered by anyone at school again. In 6th grade lots of ball playing, the park was a favorite for family fun. In 7th grade, he bought me my first bike, the one I really wanted. Light blue and white with checker pads. In 8th grade, we shared my first beer and talked about girls. He then handed me the “Playboy” issue “Madonna”, if you have any questions please ask. I told my friends, they said he was the coolest dad ever. In 9th grade he gave me the responsibility to take care of the yards. Front, side and back, oh yea pick up dog poop. Since I was slacking in my duties, he came up with a gift for me to motivate myself, took me down to the NEX (Navy Exchange). He bought me a push lawn mower to be used every other weekend, lesson learned! As you can read he was about teaching me the easy way or the hard way. Shit or get off the pot. Many, many, more life lessons to be learned. Didn’t matter how much trouble or mistakes I made, he loved me unconditionally. The achievements learned, I learned with his parenting skills. We used to mountain bike, dirt bike, camp, disk golf, golf, night surf in pacific beach and my favorite was teaching about engine repair. The four years of partying at our house in Murphy Canyon was like Animal House at times. Burgers, hot dogs, lots of beer and soda from Friday night to Saturday night. Nothing like left over burgers and dogs. When he worked BAE, he said that he loved the job. He wished he was 30 years younger. Everybody knew their jobs and did it. Thank you Frank and Tim for accepting him into your family at BAE. He really enjoyed being there.  My dad believed any place you leave a tool set, you can call home. Loved my mom to the end. Never dated or remarried. He believed god, didn’t lie or steal a thing. He would give his all for his kids and grandkids. If you knew him you would know it is true. Me and my dad where at the Kearny BMX Track jumping, then he fell on his knee. At 40 years he was still jumping and getting good distance. Dude was so proud of him for charging it. I hope I can be as good as him. I teach my boys Spencer, Cody and Hunter the life lesson he taught me. He also showed me the meaning of “Love” and “Patience”. My wife Shawna and him had to have been separated at birth. They are so smart, like the same foods. They agree on the same thing almost every time. The same likes and dislikes are too crazy. To sum up my dad: Short, sweet and to the point and get out the way. When I was in school growing up he always told me, “Do you want to work twice as hard now and play later? Or you want to play now then work twice as hard later?” When I finally got, I told him I was working 6 days a week, 15.5 hour shifts for months in a row. Dad you’re right again. His favorite movies where Rocket man 1997, Down Periscope 1996, Cobra 1986, The Delta Force 1986, Missing in Action ½ 19854/1985, Walker Texas Ranger 1993, Death Race 2000 1975, any John Wayne movies. He loved watching Gilligan’s Island with Emily. He loved unconditional without a doubt. He worked very hard and times played hard. His sister Nancy and Anne where an inspiration to him. He had learned that honesty and patience was something they taught him. His dad George taught him hard work is good for a man. The day after prom, he took him down to the recruiter, join or get out you’re a man now.  So my dad was in the Navy. First meal in the navy went like this: they ran them all around, do this and do that, hurry, hurry. He realized to hurry up and wait. Lunch time came and at the near end of the line, he was so hungry. As he got his food, he walked over to sit and relax. He looked around and started to separate his food so they didn’t touch. Got the first bite in then he hear the yelling, “move, move, move! Get your miserable asses up! Move, move now!” He did what they said, then realized that he just through his food away. His next meal was the fastest meal he ever ate. If you knew him, you also knew the meal was done in 5 minutes. No matter how big it was, you can always taste it when you poop it out. He felt like he was a shark because the Navy trained him to eat that way. He hated to wait, 20 years in the navy he learned how to see the world through a port, hurry to wait, shit or get off the pot and the ones you love keep them close and do whatever you can for them. If called on, die for your country. The things I didn’t understand growing up all make sense now. Realizing he taught me so many life lessons, love, and an understanding for how the world works.

Thank you Dad,

Woody Dustin Rice.


My Father George Rice was the greatest man alive J. He raised us four kids without hesitation and with unconditional love always. So many memories makes it hard to pin one down. He was there when I had both my kids and never left my side. It is with great sadness that he is in heaven and no longer here, but knowing he is with his one true love gives me peace.

Love Always,

Peggy Rice


I have so many memories of my father that it’s so much to write but he taught me to trust, to love, to forgive and help me find god. My dad showed me what a real man is and anyone could love and have a good marriage If you are honest and respectful. Thank you George E Rice for being my father, strong real man, grandfather and huge part of my life. Without you I will be strong because this is part of you. Forever deeply love and remember you, my dad!

<3 Ginger Gohan <3

I been with gramps my whole life, since I don’t have a father he was that substitute. He would always help me with my stuff like homework and questions. One thing I always liked was the conversations because they always turn into rants, literally. We use to always, like always play-fight in the house or outside, he always won. Even though one thing that was always my favorite, he was always grumpy. That’s what made his humor more funny. He’s a fascinating, funny, and great man. I remember all the times when he’d drop his food he’d swear like a sailor but worse cause he already had a potty mouth. I love him so much.

I love you Gramps,



To my best friends… my dad… also known as my grandpa. You are my biggest inspiration to be a better person. You are a big part of my world. You taught me what the true meaning of love is. Love is finding forgiveness. Love is everlasting. Love is opening your heart up when it’s been hurt. Love has no boundaries. Love is infinite. Love always finds a way and it can’t be broken. You taught me to never give up when I have a dream I want to fulfill. You always pushed me to do better, even if I had an A+ you always said to ask for extra credit. You always said pushed me and I thank you so much for that. You and my mom are my rock, when I think ive been given up on I can always count on you guys. Me and you have a special bond, a bong greater than gold. You are my best friend and my heart aches over your loss. I will continue to keep all your life lessons in my heart and you will live on forever. I will teach my son everything you have taught me. The day at the hospital I placed your hand on my belly and you and Kai where inseparable, it was truly a blessing. I know in my heart you guys met. You are forever cherished by so many hearts. You are a man no one can forget. I’m so blessed to have had a grandfather like you, so gentle and kind. You were such a goof ball… man your sense of humor was a one of a kind. If you had a bad day I knew if I sand to you or danced silly it would make you chuckle. I always knew how to make you laugh. I’m going to miss praying and laughing with you the most. When I felt weak you somehow always gave me the courage to push on and be strong. You taught me how to love myself. I used to be insecure and you hated when I work make up. You helped me love myself and I don’t wear it at all any more. You always said I was beautiful. I was your princess / diva. You helped mold me into the woman I am now. Holidays were always special with you around. You sure did know how to warm up a room and make everyone feel loved. Car rides with you were the best; we always could talk about anything. I loved being a baby no matter how old I get I loved sitting in your lap. When I was younger you would always carry me and dale inside if we fell asleep in the car. Sometimes I’d fake it just so you would hold me. I think you knew I was too, but you still did it and carried me in. We always loved going on dates and being outdoors. You really are my best friends and the first man I fell in love with. You will never be forgotten. Best friends for life papa <3 your legacy lives on forever.

Your princess / diva,

Jazmyn Ashley Vasquez

Gramps miss you. Love, lot of memories and I’ll see you real soon.



Service to be held at Rosecrans National Cemetery on Thursday October 12th at 9:30.
Arrangements are incomplete at this time. Service details will be posted as soon as they become available.
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