Why Preplan a Funeral?

Many people wait until a death occurs to plan a funeral, but that can be very stressful. After a loved one has passed away, there are so many things to think about, and everything happens during a time that’s already complicated and fraught with emotion. When someone has died, family and friends should be spending time together, helping each other work through grief and find the path to healing. Instead, they’re often scrambling to make arrangements, all the while second-guessing themselves and wondering if they’ve made the choices their loved one would have made.

Even close-knit families may find themselves clashing at a time like this. Disagreements can happen over decisions that have been made, feelings may get hurt and relationships can be negatively affected. The good news? This can all be prevented with preplanning.

When you pre-plan your memorial service, you can arrange exactly as you want it to be. Whether you want a traditional funeral or an end-of-life celebration full of stories and songs, you get to decide and make the plan to suit your unique personality and style.

You can choose to have personal mementos displayed, highlight the work, hobbies or passions that mean the most to you, and choose readings and music that will make your ceremony beautiful and meaningful. The best part? You’ll be lifting the stress of planning from your family. They won’t have to wonder whether they made the right choice because they won’t even need to think about the options. Because you were kind enough to choose while you were still able to, they can focus on comforting each other and beginning the process of healing.

And when you pre-plan, you also have the option to pre-pay. This locks in today’s prices for an event that might not take place for many years. Your family will not be unfairly burdened by inflation, nor will they have to worry about finding the money for your end-of-life arrangements.

At Greenwood Memorial Park, we’re experts on pre-planning. For more than a century, we have served the San Diego community, building a reputation for quality, sincerity and trust. We’ve done that by providing exceptional service, caring for people of all cultures and faiths and celebrating the unique life of each individual while respecting the wishes of every family. Stop by today to see our beautiful grounds and visit our website or call (619) 241-4312 to learn more about preplanning.

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