Our Story

For the past 110 years, Greenwood Memorial Park has served the San Diego community with grace and dignity. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has remained unchanged since 1907, yet we have always responded to the changing needs of the community, proudly serving people of all cultures and faiths.

Known for its dignity, peace and serenity, Greenwood is a full-service facility offering the convenience of funeral, cemetery and cremation services all in one location. The grounds are beautifully landscaped with palm-lined drives, vast lawns, graceful, well-placed trees, shrubs, flowers, lagoons and lakes dotted with colored lilies.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built on quality, sincerity and trust, with services that celebrate the life of each individual and respect the wishes of every family.

Meet Our People

Cathy Fiorelli

General Manager

Cathy brings more than 15 years of experience to her role at Greenwood, having started out as an executive assistant and transitioning to the cemetery office manager role before becoming assistant general manager and eventually general manager.

Raymundo Fernandez Sales Manger at Greenwood Memorial Park

Raymundo Fernandez

Sales Manager

Ray brings over four years of experience to Greenwood Memorial Park, but his connection to the park and the community is what brings the most value.

Desmond C. Fields

Chapel Location Manager

Desmond takes pride in bringing traditional values, leadership, dignity and respect to everything he does at Greenwood.

Corretta Farmer

Office Manager

Corretta has 15 years of experience in the profession, having been a funeral arranger for 10 years. In her role at Greenwood, she oversees all administrative functions.

Our Reviews

Online reviews can be very helpful when you’re trying to decide what works best for you and your family. Please be aware that sites such as Yelp have a filter for reviews — so what you’re reading might not always be a completely accurate reflection of how people have rated our business. When you’re online, we recommend that you also check the “currently not recommended” review section.
Jennifer, our funeral arranger, helped us through a horrible, distressing, and terribly sad situation. She was kind, compassionate and professional, and she walked us through everything: procedure, paperwork, picking an urn, etc. She also facilitated sending our mother's remains to her final resting place in the old family plot in GA. She made sure our mother's wishes were respected. Jennifer really took care of us. I cannot express how much Jennifer made this terrible situation bearable for us. Our mother was treated with dignity and it is greatly appreciated.
— Anna G.
Two weeks ago I visited my parents’ plot to place flowers at their graves. I was having great difficulty as I had to clear the weeds. I was there quite a while trying to accomplish this when out of nowhere came an employee who offered his assistance. I would like to thank that employee whose name was Bryon. In no time at all, the area looked much better. He was polite and courteous. This was old-world service. He is a definite asset to your organization.
— Luis G.
Having been a corporate manager for 30 years, I am aware that a business is only as good as the people that represent it. John Washington exemplifies my opinion of what a professional, sincere and personable representative of a business such as yours should be. Kudos to John and your firm for having such a caring and sincere human being in your employ. And I'd like to say that you have the perfect receptionist to greet folks when they first come to Greenwood. I was impressed by Rosalyn, who showed a cheerful, helpful and professional manner in helping me. She is truly a delight and I do not think you could have found a better person to greet people that are in such a saddened state and have to deal with making funeral arrangements for a loved one.
— Alan R.

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