We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

I want to thank everyone at Greenwood for their support during our loss of Lana Robin McGlennon. Beloved Wife, Mother , and Mimi. A special thank you for Yvette Lynch who welcomed us with open arms and supported our family during this difficult time . With so much appreciation Yvette. How you made yourself part of our family and we thank you very much.

Ron McGlennon November 10, 2020

My fathers funeral occured during covid pandemic. The funeral attendants Mr. Frederick Smith and Ms. Patty Allen following state regulations, were the MOST efficient and courteous greeters /assistants. Both of them are a great team, it is very easy to see they have tremendous respect for the job they do. Their vibe and manner in which they conducted from beginning to end with every "walk-thru" guest; checking temperatures and explaining the modified guidelines for the viewing etc is comendable. It made the whole experience of my dads funeral a lot better than what we had imagined. At the very end as the coffin was closed, Ms Patty was tremendously respectful of my dad in the casket. As a result of their assistance, we felt safe, at peace, content at the end of a verynsad day. Thank YOU Mr Frederick and Ms Patty.

Monica Ortega August 28, 2020

Good Afternoon Judy, Thank you so much for your kind words. It was an absolute privilege serving your family. I received your “thank you” card over the weekend and made copies for Dave, Milton, and Patty. Just this morning Patty mentioned to me what a beautiful and kind family you were. You made just as great an impression on us as we made for you! Thank You! Warm Regards, K.M.F


My Grandfather C. C.r passed away on December 7th 2014. On the night of December 7th two men from your Mortuary came out to pick him up. Their appearance was very neat and they were VERY respectful to our family during that time. It was a hard day for us and they seemed to completely understand our sadness. I am writing this to you because I wanted their boss to know how grateful we are to have had those exact men come to my Grandparents home on that horrible day. They were the most courteous, respectful, careful, caring men. I watched as they removed my Grandfathers body. They treated his body with the utmost respect. I can't say enough nice about them in this email. Please tell them what a good job they did and Thank you!!!!! Also my Grandfathers service was very nice.The service was yesterday (December 16th, 2014) Death is a hard thing for the living to deal with but your staff made it a more comfortable experience. Thank you all so very much.


Thank you so much for honoring my father Gilbert O'Dell by transporting his urn to his final resting place with magnificent dignity and respect. Kate Herzog

Kate Herzog September 17, 2020

Yesterday I came to visit my great-grandfather's grave (O.C). You looked up the location, but also Diane took us there. In addition, she noted needed repairs to his wife's gravestone, and then she encouraged us to visit the U.S. Grant, Jr gravesite. He married a C; news to us. Thanks for everything D.C


Today my nephew and I we're here visiting my parents gravesite. We needed water for flowers and tried 3 faucets, but none had water! A very nice man pulled up in a truck and asked if we needed help. He personally went and got us a big bucket water and helped us fill the urns. His name is MARIO DURAN. He is such a kind and helpful person. I thought you should know what an asset he is to your company!!! Please thank him for us and the whole V. family.

The V. Family

"Phenominal! Everyone, every single person we encountered was phenomenal! Desmond was outstanding! He was so pleasant and thoughtful. He was courteous, respectful and so accommodating. He was there every step of the way, being supportive and taking care of things. I know that this is not just a job for him; he truly loves what he does, it shows, it comes across very clearly. Jim was also exceptional. Again, I know that he loves what he does and he is very good at it. He took our young pallbearers under his wing. He guided them and was very informative and very respectful. They all praised him and had many positive comments about their experience and about Jim. Patty was also a delight; just such good people. We are greatly appreciative of this phenomenal experience during this very difficult time. I just can't say enough. Thank you just does not seem enough."